About Albus Atrum Exhibition

The art of storytelling is innate to humankind and inside us lay artists waiting to tell their tales. While most stories might be told with a black or white perspective, life teaches us to appreciate the shades of grey that add colour to our tales. Inspired by dark and light and the greys in between, Albus Atrum was founded to allow the artists inside our students give voice to the lens based visual art they have pursued at Bharati Vidyapeeth’s School of Photography. Albus Atrum is an annual 3-day exhibition that is being hosted in Mumbai from its inception at premium art galleries like Nehru Centre Art Gallery & Tao Art Gallery.

It showcases the best work of our graduating class of the year. Alubs Atrum is always graced by the presence of all the big names from the Media & Art industry, advertising, photography and film making.

It is also the embodiment of the pursuit of excellence that drives every one on.

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